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Over the past 25 years Tasweld has established itself as a leader in metal fabrication, welding services and the installation of stainless steel equipment and pipework. Founded in Warrnambool, Victoria, Tasweld Engineering services now extend Australia wide, with a new office in Geelong, Victoria, to both individual clients and international corporations. Specialising in such a specific field, we are able to concentrate on providing our clients with value, expertise and exceptional quality workmanship.




As specialists in the fabrication and installation of stainless steel equipment and pipework in process industries (including the dairy, wine, food, chemical and beverage industries), Tasweld aims to provide our clients with superior workmanship, products and service. Whether a large multinational company or a small individual venture, Tasweld offers each of our valued customers optimal service, ongoing support and expert advice. It is our mission to be the leader in the industry of metal fabrication and welding stainless steel for many years to come.


At Tasweld our precise workmanship is second to none. We employ only highly qualified, certified welders who specialise in TIG, MIG, Manual Metal Arc Welding, Pressure welding, oxy cutting & welding and orbital welding- ensuring that we can provide a holistic service and that the finish and quality of our products and work is first class.

Renowned for our commitment to excellence, our in-house Quality Management System is constantly working and being developed to ensure that we meet and respond to the changing needs of our valued customers.


Occupational Health & Safety

At Tasweld we are committed to the safety and well-being of our staff and work environment. Our plant operates under a Safety Map OH& S system, ensuring minimum loss of time and injury and maximising our output and staff morale. All Tasweld employees undergo training in the importance of safe work practices and Personal Protection Equipment, and as such are able to complete their work competently and confidently.

At Tasweld we are proud of our history of safe work practices and will continue to invest in this valuable practice.